We are sometimes asked for criteria for the different course levels. Setting up such a list is difficult – the opinions about what is easy, what is hard; how important aspects like foot technique or covering are compared to each other; in which order things should be taught; etc. differ wildly. Nonetheless, dancers and teachers expect a certain standard of dancing in a course of a given level. With the following list we try to describe the usual level of dancing in our courses – which we would like to keep.


Course Level Description (PDF)


What this list is

  • Guidelines: A dancer should mostly meet the criteria of the chosen course level.
  •  A rough, incomplete description of what level of dancing to expect in a course.

What this list is not

  • the truth and only truth
  • a promise what will and will not be taught
  • a promise about the skills of the other dancers
  • something that should be used to point fingers at another dancer
  • rules for teachers, what to teach at what level – at most this is a guide what to expect as a class