Sponsoring for travel costs is currently available for the following events:

  • our own courses at the Kuckucksnest (100 €) - please apply well in advance of the course chosen and not later than 15th June 2019
  • our own courses "Ball & SCD-Weekend" (100 €) - please apply well in advance of the course chosen and not later than 15th June 2019

These subsidies are meant for people who could otherwise not take part in those activities or would have great difficulties in financing them.
To qualify for our grants applicants should show that taking part in the event will further Scottish Country Dancing as a whole as they will be able to act as  “multipliers” in the future.
Both aspects must be outlined in your application.
Furthermore applicants should find someone who will write a letter of recommendation.
We would very much appreciate it if you wrote a little report about the event afterwards to be published in our blog – pictures welcome!

Closing date for applications

Applications should be presented well in advance of the event so that the committee can make a decision in their monthly committee meetings. The date of the next committee meeting is always published in our blog.
The fiscal year ends on 30th June 2019 and therefore your application must be presented not later than 15th June so as to give the committee a chance to decide on it.

How to apply

Fill in the form for subsidies of travel costs and send it via e-mail to  Please state the event your are applying for in your subject line.

Documents:  Antrag auf Reisekostenzuschuss mit zugehöriger datenschutzrechtlicher Unterrichtung

Currently the document is only available in German. For questions, please send an email to