Central Germany Branch

The Association for Scottish Country Dancers in Germany

Scottish Dancing Central Germany e.V. is a non-profit organization that promotes SCD. We are the German branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, the RSCDS, and are registered with them as Central Germany Branch.

Our Goals

Unsere Ziele

To promote a global standard

Many Scottish dancers enjoy the fact that SCD is danced in a similar way all around the world. We promote it by organising:

  • Teachers' classes in which dance teachers (active, passive and future) can develop skills.
  • Courses at the “Kuckucksnest”with the best teachers and musicians for the intermediate to very advanced.
  • Planned: a starter pack for new dance teachers with music and dance descriptions
  • Planned: Dance lists in the “Dance Database” http://my.strathspey.org/dd/list/ as a collection of ideas for teachers, e.g. for a beginners’ program.

Promoting new dancers

We would like to promote the next generation of dancers. We are looking at three groups of dancers:

Young Dancers

We are happy to help you with recommendations for RSCDS scholarships, e.g. for Spring Fling or Summer School.

For branch or other events such as Spring Fling we regularly award scholarships.

Since autumn 2017 we help to facilitate a workshop for young dancers every year somewhere in Germany.

Novice Dancers

We are looking for a new format for our beginners' courses - we want to do them in cooperation with local groups.

Would you like to run a beginners' course with us? 

Talk to us!

New Teachers

Teaching courses offer a good opportunity for new teachers to give it a try and learn.

In addition, we can help find an experienced mentor.

We would like to assemble a collection of dance lists on the Strathspey server and to offer a starter pack of music and dance descriptions.

Finally, we help with information about the RSCDS examinations, when conducting the Unit 1 exam or recommendation letters for Summer School scholarships.



We aim to be the central contact platform for connecting Scottish dancers and Scottish dance groups in Germany and beyond. To achieve this, we have set up the following web pages:

Dancing opportunities

We want to offer SCD opportunities at all levels. Our goal is:

  • To organize courses in “Kuckucksnest”
  • We want to support SCD events throughout Germany
  • Helping dancers to find dancing possibilities in Germany by providing group lists and links

Code of Conduct

As we would like everybody to feel well in Scottish Country dancing, we join the Code of Conduct of the RSCDS and we would ask you to consider theses recommendations.

Code of Conduct (link to RSCDS website)