List of Dances

There are different reasons for looking for lists of dances: reminiscing about wonderful dancing events; anticipating wonderful dancing events; looking for good ideas while preparing a class; wanting to watch the videos and of course wanting to see how wonderful other people dance and where there might be problems to be reckoned with in a particular dance – it is always nice to see others than yourself make a blunder, too!

And a  big THANK YOU to the team of the Strathspey-Server who keep uploading new cribs, diagrams, bits of information and videos and constantly correct all the little mistakes that might have crept in here or there.

RSCDS Core Repertoire

Compilation of RSCDS lists of dances from the books, classified according to different levels.

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Central Germany Branch

Currently contains a list of dances for use in a beginners’ class. Additionally lists of dances of events, that have been organized by the branch but have not been held in the Kuckucksnest.

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Lists of dances from the Kuckucksnest courses

These lists contain the dances of the classes held at the Kuckucksnest. Please note that they might be incomplete as not every teacher likes their lists published. We trust that you can respect this.

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