19.-22.10.2023 Herbstkurs im Kuckucksnest

Time to say Good Bye to a very special one!

In October 2023 Carola Fischer, founder and former owner of Kuckucksnest (Cuckoo’s Nest), Schlüchtern-Vollmerz (near Frankfurt), taught her last Autumn Course, as she now retires from teaching SCD in general. It’s hard to put it into words, how much Carola means to the German Scottish Country Dance-Scene.

Originally from UK, she started in 1975 with Scottish Country Dance in Germany under Karin Willberg in Schwäbisch Gmünd amongst others. She passed her Teachers Certificate in 1984 in St. Andrews and founded her own SCD-Club „Flying Celts“ in Schlüchtern. Her name is also known for dances written by her, like The Aviator (RSCDS Book 52) or recently The Willbergs of Rechberg (RSCDS Book 53).

After buying a former pub in Schlüchtern-Vollmerz Carola Fischer and her husband refurbished and transformed the house into the still so called Kuckucksnest, which opened it doors 1987 not only to Scottish Country Dancers. It was her vision to create a residential house for Scottish Country dancers to stay over a couple of days with classes for all levels, joined by good teachers and musicians to affordable conditions. This very special place has got an excellent dance floor, comfortable accommodation and healthy food for up to 34 guest. Very quickly it became the heart of the German SCD scene and a lot of German dancers took their first Scottish dancing steps there. The list of teachers, who came to teach at the Cuckoo’s Nest, reads itself as kind of who is who of teachers, among them Derek Haynes, Bob Grant, Janet Johnston, Malcom Brown, David Queen and many others from NL, France and Germany.

2004 Carola was one of the foundation members of the Central Germany Branch (CGB) and became Chairman for 10 years. Since a couple of years now the Central Germany Branch has become responsible for the workshop program of the Cuckoo’s Nest, after Carola gave up the house. She still lives nearby and usually comes over for a little chat and cup of tea, if there is a workshop of the CGB.

The Cuckoo’s Nest, Schlüchtern-Vollmerz, is an unique institution in Europe and we dancers in Germany are most thankful for its existence and all the effort, Carola Fischer put into building up this place, but most important her guidance for generations of becoming dancers. You are very welcome to visit that place once.

Text: Eva-Maria Beckmann, Central Germany Branch
Foto: Wolfgang Kutsche

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