SCD Weekend of the Central Germany Branch & AGM, 22.09. - 24.09.2023

This year, the AGM weekend returned to Hof Oberlethe, Wardenburg, up in the North of Germany. And once more, the place played out all its magical charms. With over 80 dancers through all ages the dancefloor was filled with lots of energy and fueled by the wonderful music from Keith Smith (fiddle) and Anne-Laure Latour (piano).

Saturday and Sunday classes for Advanced/Intermediate, lead proficiently by Alice Stainer/UK and Florence Burgy/Switzerland, were offered again. As our third teacher took ill, the crowd of young dancers helped with introducing the youngest dancers to the basics lead by Helena Schatz. Thank you so much for your help.

We therefore slightly changed the dance program for Saturday night and took in some easier dances at the beginning, skipping three others. You should have seen all those smiles all over the hall, how enthusiastic the little ones took the floor!

The rest of the weekend went by with lots of meeting up with new and old friends, long nights, games and dancing afterwards, as we all did not get enough!

In addition, the annual AGM meeting was held, with the good news, that the workshops of the Central Germany Branch get back into normal swing after Covid.

A huge thank you to all for joining us for this wonderful weekend, the team of teachers and musicians - and hopefully see ya back in 2024 at Wetzlar celebrating 20 years of Central Germany Branch!

Text: Eva-Maria Beckmann

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