10. September 2022

CGB Branch Award für Martina Müller-Franz

Beim AGM-Weekend, 26.08. - 28.08.2022 war Martina gesundheitlich verhindert, aber ich hatte dann am Samstag, 10.09.2022, das Vergnügen, ihr die Urkunde persönlich in Köln bei einem leckeren Frühstück übergeben zu können.

Hier der Text:

"Who in SCD Germany has not met Martina Müller-Franz? And when international Scottish country dancers think about SCD in Germany, the first name to come to the mind of many is that of Martina. It is always a pleasure to meet her and to dance with her. She is present at a great many SCD events all over Europe and is often referred to as “the ambassador of the Central Germany Branch”.

With a background in historical dance, Martina took up Scottish country dancing in 1995. In 2002, she took her Teachers Certificate at Summer School in St Andrews. Every year, the last week of Summer School is an important part of her busy travel agenda.

Martina has generously helped generations of future SCD teachers by providing them with important resources for their exams. Who of the German SCD teachers did not get the famous CD with all the data she has collected over the years?

Martina has also helped many organisers of SCD events. Being a networker par excellence, she knows lots of teachers and musicians. She is always happy to put you in touch with them and to help with numerous others things, from lending an ear regarding an organisational issue to providing hands-on support.

If you – as a teacher of a SCD class, for example – find yourself in need of the detailed description of a dance or if a music recording with the original tune proves elusive: Martina has compiled a comprehensive archive of dance books, dance descriptions and recorded music and is always willing and able to help.

From the early beginnings of the Strathspey Server and its famous mailing list to the server’s encyclopedic Scottish Country Dance Database (with numerous dance videos filmed by Martina) to the Facebook page of the Central Germany Branch: Martina has helped to create these web-based information media indispensable to Scottish country dancers everywhere.

Especially important for SCD in Germany has been Martina’s involvement in the Central Germany Branch (CGB) of the RSCDS, which she and seven co-founders established in 2004. Without her expertise and dedication, the CGB – the “voice” of German SCD within the RSCDS – would not exist in its current form or not exist at all. In the CGB’s first years, Martina served as its Secretary. Then as now, it was particularly important to her to support teacher training and to develop strong ties with the RSCDS, also by taking part in the RSCDS’s annual general meeting.

To show our appreciation and gratitude for her promotion of Scottish country dancing in Germany and for more than twenty-five years of commitment and constant support, the board of the Central Germany Branch is delighted to award Martina Müller-Franz the Branch Award she so well deserves."

Branch Award für Martina Müller-Franz

Eva-Maria Beckmann

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