14.04. - 18.04.2022 Easter course at the Kuckucksnest

First time at the Kuckuckusnest !


I was an Erasmus student at Aberdeen University in 2015-2016. I started Scottish country dancing in the university group soon after I came and loved it straight away ! During the second term, I danced in a local group too. Through the year, I went to a lot of balls organised by university groups as well as other balls.

Since I came back to Switzerland I joined the Lausanne Scottish country dancing group. I regularly go to weekends of the Lyon and Paris branches. I attended several times the Freiburg ball  which is always a great one !

The Easter course was my first time at the Kuckuchsnest. At first I knew only a few people. But everyone is welcoming and you get to know people soon. The location is nice as well. Everything is happening at the same place (courses, dancing at night, parties at night, accommodation and delicious meals). During the afternoon breaks I went for walks with some other dancers. A castle and a ruin on top of a hill can be reached easily.

I really liked the teacher: Janet Johnston. She picked up nice dances that were challenging but not too much so that we could still work on our technique as well. I really like her style of teaching with her sense of humour and I love her Scottish accent.

I had a great time at the Kuckucksnest and will definitely come back ! Thanks a lot to all attendants and the organisers !

Julie Boserup

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