11. August 2020

Verleihung des Branch Award an Viktor Lehmann

Wir freuen uns, dass der zweite Award, den unsere Branch verliehen hat am 11.08.2020 an Viktor Lehmann ging, der uns so wunderbar unterstützt. Hier der ganze Text:

Viktor Lehmann started Scottish Country Dancing in 1990 at the Kuckucksnest group in Central Germany, where he is still remembered for his very good dance style, entertaining manner and helpfulness.

When he moved to Heidelberg Viktor joined the Heidelberg group and has been an important member ever since, due to his very welcoming and supportive ways.

Three years ago he also started teaching the group and thanks to his patience and warm and humorous nature as well as his profound knowledge of SCD he is now also known outside Heidelberg as a wonderful dancing teacher.

As the main organizer of the famous Heidelberg Halloween Ball, taking place every two years, his special talent for entertaining becomes manifest.

But it is not only his personality that makes him an invaluable asset to the Scottish Country Dancing community, he has supported the Central Germany Branch with his knowledge and his work in IT. He has been the technical master from the beginning on, when the branch was founded in 2004; thanks to Viktor we have a website in German and English where you can book our courses, find the dance group nearest your home, look for teachers as well as musicians. He has also implemented a website where to upload dance descriptions.

Furthermore he is putting in a great amount of work restoring and publishing the dance books of John Mitchell together with John Mitchell's daughter Alison.

Viktor has been a well regarded and inestimable member of the Scottish Country Dancing Society in Germany and just as it is a pleasure to dance with him, it is our pleasure to recommend him for this Branch Award, he so well deserves, to show our gratitude and appreciation for his dedication and support in the past 30 years.


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