31. August 2019

Ball & SCD Weekend 2019

Days/weeks  have flown bye - just wanted to thank all of you who attended our second AGM dance weekend!

Even though your numbers  were a wee bit low - the teachers and musicians - Rachel, Ute, Zsófi, Phill, Màrtainn and Kevin - gave their full!
After an initial struggle dancing on a sticky floor (solved with "Grip-Stop" - talcom : ) we had a lot of fun.

The AGM was attended by a select circle and had mostly positive to report. The minutes will be available....

One highlight was the after ball party dancing a never ending "swap-in" reel to our tireless jamming trio!

I hope your travels on were smooth and all well at home : )

Looking forward to the next time our paths cross again!

Martin and the CGB

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