29. June 2019

Summer Course and Ball 2019

It was great to meet up with Ian Brockbank again!

I picked him up from Frankfurt Airport in 40°C plus.

Luckily for the Summer course it was not quite so hot over the following days and nights in the Kuckucksnest!

He and Silke took us through an interesting three days of music and dance. We were exposed to multiple perspectives on some classic dances. It was quit enlightening to experience how some dances have changed over the centuries. For example, Cadgers in the Canongate the RSCDS version and his interpretation of Walsh’s 1748 description explaining that probably the RSCDS version only came into being because of Miss Milligan‘s Insistence that all reels should be right shoulders! Also “Woo’d and Married and A’” the RSCDS Book 16, followed by Thomas Wilson’s from 1816 danced to the original tune in 9/8 Jig. This got the highest star rating for a repeat at the evening social! Another favourite was “The Purple Heather Jig“ 4x40J.

He also introduced us to a number of his creations – “A Trip to Lorient” was very popular : )

Thankyou Carola for good food and atmosphere with special thanks to Ian and Silke.

All in all – once again – a great dancing time was had at the Kuckucksnest Summer gathering – and of course it ended with a wonderful ball – music from Silke Matthias and Thomas!

Happy dancing


Dance List: http://my.strathspey.org/dd/list/23535/

Summer Course 2019

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