22. April 2019

Easter Course 2019

We had a wonderfully intense dancing Easter workshop with Alice Stainer teaching accompanied by Anselm Lingnau (keyboard).

He commented “For a musician a new collaboration with another teacher is always exciting! I greatly enjoyed Alice's teaching style and selection of dances, which allowed me to include a wide variety of tunes of all kinds in my sets. And of course it is wonderful to play for a group that is as dedicated as this year's Easter course, and that includes so many new faces!”

For Alice it was her first time at the Kuckucksnest and enjoyed her introduction to the venue very much commenting “I did enjoy myself, everyone was very kind and responsive”

A special thankyou also goes to all the participating dancers – it was great you all contributed so much into the course : )

Looking forward to see you on the Summer course or wherever we meet the next time!

Happy dancing


Dance List: http://my.strathspey.org/dd/list/22739/

Easter Course 2019

Easter Course 2019

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