25. November 2018

My first visit to Kuckucksnest November 2018

I’ve been thinking of attending a dance course at Kuckucksnest for some years, and the November course appealed as a good event for a first visit. A course for Very Advanced Dancers with Patrick as teacher.

Kuckucksnest was charming (quaint!), a mix between a Ski Chalet and a youth hostel. Approximately 30 dancers, we were a small and friendly group, many of whom I had met dancing before, so even though the venue was new, there were plenty of familiar faces. The dance room was perfect. A good floor is essential for Scottish dancing and this floor was good. My knees confirmed it!

As a Very Advanced Class, Patrick saw we could all execute steps and movements well, with a little encouragement, so we concentrated on learning some challenging and interesting dances. Many I had not danced before, with new arrangements and techniques. I think we all rose to the challenge and acquitted ourselves. Stefan’s music complemented our dancing perfectly.

After dancing, the evenings in the lounge were a warm and friendly gathering of chatting, eating, drinking, fun and laughter.

By the end of the course, I had made new friends, learned new dances, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am always impressed by how enthusiastic, talented and proficient dancers in Germany are, which really adds to the fun, enjoyment and the whole pleasurable experience of dancing.

Shall I return? Yes very likely!

Joan Nesbitt

November 2018.

November Course

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