21. October 2017

German teacher teaches in Edinburgh (21.10.2017)

21. October 2017 Edinburgh

Edinburgh Scottish Dancers is a relatively new group in Edinburgh. It aims to help support dancers in Edinburgh, and further afield, through a number of different projects including helping trainee teachers’ gain teaching experience and running a Teachers conference for all teachers of Scottish Country Dancing. Ramona Zohm was invited to teach in Edinburgh after the group obtained a grant to support young international teachers. The workshop was aptly entitled ‘A Trip from Bavaria’.

Ramona put the group through their paces throughout the class, with the help from Adam Brady on Piano. We looked at a variety of dances which are popular in Germany including The Aviator and Enjoy the Moment. I found it really interesting learning dances which were unfamiliar and with new formations and movements. And yes, of course, we got to dance my favourite childhood dance – A Trip to Bavaria!


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