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We would like to invite you to participate in one of the most wonderful hobbies in the world. : )

Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) is good for everybody – it is a social dance form – you dance with partners in sets - but you do not have to bring a dance partner – we pair up for each dance anew and your partner doesn’t even have to be of the opposite sex . Scottish Country Dancing is good exercise, for both mind and body.

Then have fun browsing.

The Central Germany Branch - the “association for Scottish Country Dancers in Germany”

The Scottish Dancing Central Germany e.V. is a non-profit organization that promotes SCD. We are the German branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, the RSCDS, and are registered there as the Central Germany Branch.

Our Goals:

To promote a global standard

Many Scottish dancers enjoy the fact that SCD is danced in a similar way all around the world. We promote it by organizing:

  • Teachers' classes in which dance teachers (active, passive and future) can develop skills.
  • Courses at the “Kuckucksnest” with the best teachers and musicians for the intermediate to very advanced.
  • Planned: a starter pack for new dance teachers with music and dance descriptions
  • Planned: Dance lists in the “Dance Database” as a collection of ideas for teachers, e.g. for a beginners’ program.

Promoting new dancers

We would like to promote the next generation of dancers. We are looking at three groups of dancers:

-Young Dancers

  • We would be happy to help you with recommendations for RSCDS scholarships, e.g. for the Spring Fling or the Summer School.
  • For the Spring Fling 2017 in Bonn, we have even awarded our own scholarships.
  • In the future, a workshop for young dancers will be held every autumn somewhere in Germany.
  • We are starting this year (2017) in Münster.

- Novice Dancers
We are looking for a new format for our beginners courses - we want to do them in cooperation with local groups. Would you like to run a beginners course with us? - Talk to us!

- New Teachers

  • Teaching courses offer a good opportunity for new teachers to try out and learn.
  • In addition, we can help find an experienced mentor.
  • We would like to assemble a collection of dance lists on the Strathspey server and offer a starter pack of music and dance descriptions.
  • Finally, we help with information about the RSCDS examinations, when conducting the Unit 1 exam or recommendation letters for the Summer School scholarships.


We would like to be a central contact platform for connecting Scottish dancers and Scottish Dance Groups in Germany and beyond. For this we have set up the following web pages:

  • Teacher's page
  • Musician’s page
  • Blog
  • Facebook
  • Group page

Dancing opportunities

We want to offer SCD opportunities at all levels. Our goal is:

  • To organize courses in “Kuckucksnest”
  • We want to support SCD events throughout Germany
  • Through Group links - help interested SC Dancers to find where dancing is possible in Germany