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History and goals of the Central Branch Germany

Branch Goals

The branch was founded to create a local kind of "help desk" for all German scottish country dancers. The branch is the German arm of the RSCDS, the "Royal Scottish Country Dance Society" located in Edinburgh. If things need to be clarified on an RSCDS level, Edinburgh is not just around the corner, and some dancers might also experience language problems.

Here are some examples why a Germany RSCDS Branch makes sense:

  • some of our branch members participated the last years in Teaching Certificate Part 1 and Full Certificate during the Summer School in St. Andrews (Scotland).
  • In 2005, we applied for RSCDS Summer School scholarships for 2 of our members, and both of them were granted.

Additionally, our branch aims to invest in the training of people who teach classes. The branch offers teachers' workshops to share ideas and experience and to improve individual expertise. These workshops are open to all teachers - it is not required to be a branch member or to have the RSCDS Teachers' Certificate.

The branch intends to contribute to keeping the standard of Scottish dancing in Germany high and even hopes to give impulses to improve it.

Founding the Branch

It took long discussions and even longer preparations, but finally in 2004 we were able to found the Central Germany Branch, being the first RSCDS Branch in Germany.


The Management Board Meeting in February 2004 gave us the „go ahead", and, on the 10th of April 2004, 8 founding members of the "Scottish Dancing Central Germany e.V." (our official name) finalised everything at a notary meeting. Even though legally 7 members would have been sufficient, we decided to start with 8 members, since, as you know, a country dance set requires 8 people ...

The Branch is officially located at the "Kuckucksnest", a seminar house led by Carola and Michael Fischer in Schlüchtern, around 80 km south east of Frankfurt/Main. We chose this place because, over the years, it has became kind of a central point for scottish dance classes and workshops in Germany. In addition, its geographical position is quite central within Germany! So, even though the decision was preceded by a certain amount of discussion, the branch venue ended up appropriately in: "Central Germany".

Founding Members

The following picture was taken at the 5th branch anniversary. It unfortunately doesn't show all of the founding members as some couldn't attend.



(from left to right)

Ute Hoppmann-Lacour
Anika Lange
Carola Fischer
Martina Müller-Franz
Anselm Lingnau
Dagmar Suhm

(founding members not present)

Andrea Kaufmann and Birgit Fleck

The branch has around 130 club members at present.